Stinging Pests

Virginia has its fair share of stinging pests like bees, wasps and ants that possess stings which can be quite painful…and sometimes dangerous. Hundreds of stings by bees or wasps can be fatal due to direct toxicity from the venom. Fire Ants swarm” when threatened and can inflict hundreds of stings quickly. In rare cases where a victim is immobilized or unconscious, Fire Ant stings can be fatal.

There are dozens of insects whose stings or bites cause problems, and they can be split into two categories: venomous and non-venomous. The difference is due to the nature of the sting. Venomous insects attack as a defense mechanism, injecting painful, toxic venom through their stings.

When bees sting, they leave the sting and venom sack attached. Venom continues to pump in through the stinger until the sack is empty or the sting is removed. The only good part about this is that bees die after they sting. Wasps and hornets however, don’t leave their stings behind and can sting you over and over.