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REALTORS – CLICK HERE To Order Your Client’s Inspection. Intrastate is the one to call for commercial pest control, wood destroying organism inspections, water analysis and septic inspections.

Our relationship with area REALTORS is very important to us! "intrastate service company"
We provide Real Estate and Home Services that are easy to use and fantastic to have readily available!  Intrastate will schedule termite and mold inspections and can also provide any contracting, plumbing, painting, and other services as well.  Intrastate Service Company, our sister company provides excellent service for mold inspections and remediation as well as complete home and commercial improvement services.  We’re not just a pest company!

Contact our service company today at 434-220-0415 or visit our website:

Intrastate Pest Control's highly trained technicians possess a keen understanding of the pest pressures our region faces and are ready to help you get rid of bed bugs, stink bugs and termites as well as other insect, rodent and pest activity.

At Intrastate, we are dedicated to being your trusted exterminator and offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control programs that will protect property and health.

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